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March 2011
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Diminution [userpic]

Vikki and I were discussing our Christmas plans.  How can we afford X and Y.  We had decided to do without gifts for each other; living in this house is enough, we decided. 

The conversation was about how we could possibly afford what we want to get for our daughters. 

One of our dear friends called just then.  She said "I am coming into some inheritance in spring.  I have some money in a savings account now.  I'll send you that now because I know I am getting more."  She sent £1,000 just like that!  Vikki spent the next 10 minutes crying and we spent the next half hour talking about how wonderful our friends are and how lucky we are to know who we do and how amazing it is that we have this life where the people we know are this wonderful and do these things for us. 

We have all we need for the girls, for each other, and for January's mortgage.  The electricity is on.  Our phones work.  We have gas in the car.  We have food in the fridge.  We have the people we love in our house sleeping right now.  What more is there to life. . .

It makes me want to work even harder to return the favor to as many people as I possibly can this next year. 

As hopeless as I feel the people are most of the time I sure do love individuals.