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March 2011
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Diminution [userpic]

One of my best friends from high school will be moving in with us in January.

He is a virtuoso piano player who can play anything by ear after hearing it once and that was 15 years ago. 

He has lost his path and has been doing door-to-door sales for the past year after leaving a tumultuous relationship.  He had not played in many years until recently.

He will be moving into our basement spare room and working for us in trade for rent.  I am extremely excited for this.  He has visited us 4 times in the last year and each has been a wonderful demonstration of our compatibility.  He is sensitive, extremely considerate, intelligent, and fun though he claims not to laugh when he is living in TX.  He hates TX and is eager to move back to CO.  We are eager to have him.

Sam lives in the basement and he was not willing to move here unless he talked with her first.  She said he could stay as long as he didn't clean the bathroom or use her flat iron.

We don't know now long this will last nor does it matter.  I am so blessed to have so many good friends.