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diminution's Journal

16 January
I am a father. I am a husband. I am a friend. I am a mentor. I am a student.

I am many things depending on who you ask. Who and what we are at our very core is my cause and devotion. All of my actions are directed toward realizing that ideal inner self, the one that is endlessly patient, that one that is endlessly loving, the one that is endlessly connected to all others. As I learn to bring that out in me, I can teach others to find it in themselves.

Each of us has the potential to be nice or mean, to act with dignity or to be self-serving, to be honest or to misrepresent for personal gain, to help teach or to let others be.

My wife and I run The Lotus Seed Process. We have dedicated our lives to helping others find their inner peace and happiness. We have helped countless people find their reasons for being on this planet. We have helped many people find direction. It is what we do. We live to serve the greatest good of humanity; nothing less.