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Diminution [userpic]
Annual Post regarding resolutions for 2010

This is what I posed the last day of last year:

I have made the commitment to serving Good in any way I can. This is very ambiguous.

1. Thoughts are the impetus behind words and ideas. As we learn the power of our words, it makes it easier for us to guide and control our thoughts. The more focused and controlled our very thoughts are, the more power we have and the more we are open to divine guidance. Divine guidance, when we listen, is far more valuable than anything I would devise on my own. I am working to focus my thoughts more than I ever have before. I recognize that this is a simple concept and that there is no such thing as mastery. Improvement will be constant and ongoing as long as I keep this dedication in my consciousness.

2. Every action I take is a manifestation of my thoughts. I will do all I am able to to make sure that every action has the greatest positive impact possible. That is to say, everything I do will be to serve what is Good.

3. If every action serves Good, every action is meaningful. The benefits, to me and to others, are too great to list here.

This is my general response to all of them:  I am accomplishing all three of these with great effectiveness.  The implications could fill volumes and someday they may.  In the meantime, I'll say that I am making beautiful progress.  I feel that I am well on my path.