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March 2011
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Diminution [userpic]
Good Morning

I am sitting here at my desk in my home office.  I have two monitors and a 4-line desk phone on a VoIP phone system I designed and put in.  Over my monitors I see four bookcases filled with wonderful books.  To my left are my bay windows overlooking the neighborhood.  I have several plants and a filing cabinet there.  Behind me is a wall with some of my favorite art.  The walls are yellow; a great color for productivity and energy.

It is 8:24AM.  I transferred 3 calls to one of our associates in England last night at 1, 2, and 3 AM.  Calls are coming.  It feels wonderful.

I sit here sipping my coffee.  I grind my beans with a burr grinder and brew my coffee in a French press.  I bought the beans from a local roaster after trying every brand at two supermarkets and not finding the one.  I add 1/2 teaspoon of raw sugar and I am happy.

Both of the kids are old enough to drive.  They need a few hours of certified training and then they can take their driving tests.  Certified instructors are not super cheap and the feast and famine of self-employment has been living up to its name.  Both of the kids want their licenses more than anything for Christmas this year even if it means not much under the tree. 

We have decided to take in a house guest this season.  A woman and her daughter from a local battered women's shelter will be living with us for almost a week.  They have nowhere else to go for the holiday.  We have gifts and a room for them.  The woman is already very happy as she says she has never seen something so generous before.  Her daughter is 2 and doesn't know a lot about things yet.  It feels good to have her coming.  She seems educated and well-mannered.  If I didn't know where Vikki had found her I would never suspect she had troubles at home.