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March 2011
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Diminution [userpic]
Probable Final Post in this Journal

For the last few years my mind has been going at a million miles an hour and I have loved nearly every moment of it. The moments I didn't love served as valuable lessons from which I took invaluable wisdom.


These realizations have been coming so constantly, quickly, and consistently that I have not had time to journal them nor, do I think, people would have time to read them.


I'll write one example that leads the the announcement at the end of this message.


I have been having less and less Lotus Seed responsibilities. I have designed and installed the VoIP phone system between our home office and the 4 satellite home offices in the UK, I have put together a basic website (still needs improvement but that is for a designer with more skill than I have time to learn right now), we have a billing system, accounting is handled, we can take payments in nearly any currency in the world, collectively we can work with clients in three languages, and we are beginning work in earnest on sales and marketing.


That is my hint to exit. I am not a marketer or natural salesman. I am a writer and systems guy. We have a commission-based sales team. (If anyone is interested we have one of the highest commission schedules in the industry at the moment.) Further web design is out of my hands. I have spent years building everything that is now in place and it is working very well.


It is time for greener pastures. Fortunately these pastures are for the same company. These are the benefits of being self employed; I get to make up the jobs as I go.


From this day onward I will be locked in my office to write. The doors will be closed. The curtains will be drawn over my french doors; a signal to everyone that I am productive and not to be disturbed.


My writing work will all be based on the teachings of the Lotus Seed Process. I am now working in parallel to everyone else on the team.


Anyone who is interested in this journey is invited to befriend my new name: http://thewritinglotus.livejournal.com/


I would love to hint at the themes I will explore there but I have no way of knowing where this road will lead.


Thanks to everyone who has been a friend through the years. Friendly virtual friends are worth a whole lot more than you may think.